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Authenticity, the marketing buzzword from the last decade and the piece of advice given universally to owners of small businesses or large alike and to marketing professionals.  The basic message being, don’t lie about who you are, be authentic. I have no way of proving this, but I believe…

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Word of Mouth: The 2013 Marketing Calendar for Dental Practices, Dentists and Dental Office Managers

Announcing the release of the 2013 marketing calendar tailored specifically for dental practices: Word of Mouth. As the title indicates, word of mouth explores word of mouth marketing for dentists and dental practices, including the word of mouth marketing myth.  Written with the non-marketing professional in mind, dentists, hygienists and dental office managers can all […]

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Inbound Marketing Defined for Practice Based Businesses

These low cost, high yield marketing techniques are the key to building your practice based business, engaging your clients, engendering loyalty and stimulating word of mouth referrals.  Elizabeth Kraus, Author of 365 Days of Marketing – http://www.12monthsofmarketing.com Marketing is one of the few costs of doing business – any kind of business, including dental practices […]

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Does it really matter what your employees wear?

Many employers are reluctant to establish (and even more reluctant to enforce) standards for employee appearance. And many employees resent the idea of an employer requiring that they alter something they view as part of the personal identity and self-expression; while some employees may grudgingly comply, others flaunt violations and dare managers to do something […]

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First Impressions Likely the Key to Patient Loyalty

First impressions; perceptions which, valid or not, we all make no matter how objective and fair we believe we are, any time we come into contact with a new organization or individual, no matter where that interaction occurs (by phone, internet, social media profile or in person). Experts on the topic have suggested that a […]

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